Marriage in our Time

How are we supposed to define marriage in our day? In years gone by, marriage was a relatively simple, well-known, straightforward concept. It had an acceptable description across most boundaries of society. It existed in similar forms across religious, racial, and class distinctions. It provided an opportunity for two people to become one, by sexual activity, without the expectation of being alone again.

By becoming one, it was clearly designed to support family units. This “becoming one” often produced the fruit of children. Coming together sexually then is obviously intended to procreate and continue the species. Marriage, in turn, ideally provided a stable environment in which to nurture children. From a Christian perspective, it also described the intended relationship between Christ and His church.

But why is it all “up-in-the-air” now? Doesn’t all of this still apply? What has changed over the last 50 years? Oh yeah…birth control and the sexual revolution. And this isn’t even getting into the discussion of non-heterosexual activity. Marriage is now…what?