My Online Identity Remains Obscure

I Googled my name and besides the hundreds of images that weren’t me, there is now a musician with a small YouTube following, JacobJohnsonTunes, and of course the now well-known Mr Jake Johnson, of New Girl fame. I’ve since created a list of People With My Name. Haha. I don’t know where I’m going with this post.

Project DIY – Grandma Betty’s Dresser


My FIRST EVER DIY Project! I’m pretty stoked! I’ve finished my first day of working on this project—stripping the paint. I’ve never really followed through with a DIY project, and I think I’ll succeed with this one. I’m really looking forward to the end result! I’m posting the whole story after it’s complete, so stay tuned!


Murray’s – Waverly, OH, a set on Flickr.

I really enjoy coming to see Bree & Ethan when they’re at their Mama & Papa’s (my bro-in-law’s parents)! They live in the country, and have a real nice place. 🙂

Eros & Philia

“Love is not a feeling. Love is an action, an activity…true love is an act of will that often transcends ephemeral feelings of love or cathexis, it is correct to say, ‘Love is as love does’.”
– M. Scott Peck

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”
– Jean De La Fontaine

My thoughts and feelings about Valentine’s day range from desire to apathy. Desire is present in that I desire to have someone intimate in which to celebrate Eros Love. Apathy has been present because I haven’t had anyone with which to enjoy that for many years.

This year is something different. I still have the desire, but I am choosing to drop the apathy and focus on Philia Love. To show love and appreciation to those whom I call friends and family, as well as to my neighbors and strangers I greet. I believe Love is best when spread around!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Tell someone that you love them!!

Online Social Networks vs. Real Life

“Abstinence is as easy to me, as temperance would be difficult.”
– Samuel Johnson

“Abstinence is the surety of temperance.”
– Plato

I think these two concepts are veritable twins of my feelings toward social networking and having it available 24/7 on a phone. I go through spurts of constantly checking my phone, even without notifications pinging or vibrating for my attention. Or conversely, posting most everything and anything that I am doing or thinking! Probably often appearing whiny or pretentious. I don’t think this is my goal by being a part of these networks.

I find myself needing abstinence from online social networks because temperance is so difficult. At which point, I inevitably delete the offending apps from my device. But only temporarily (of course). I find that temporarily removing them can force temperance into my routine. It becomes more difficult to view or post random thoughts and consequently helps to change my expectation that I have to post or see everything.

After reflecting on comments from friends, I am seeing a correlation between social networks, a lack of intimate companionship, and the need for peer approval. I think the answer to the question of abstinence versus temperance for me is this: PARTICIPATE IN REAL LIFE! When I am participating in real life events with people I enjoy, I don’t feel the need to tell the world every detail of my day. I have those I am participating with in life! And isn’t that what we are striving for in social networking? Bottom line is that I need to get involved in real life.

Music of the PRESS

As I sit here without isolation producing earbuds and the subsequent personal noise, I listen to the music of the PRESS*. It is not just the sound of manufactured pop music produced by Hollywood. It is the sound of baristas talking, fingers tapping, water flowing and spoons stirring. I listen to feet stalking, greetings being called out, and the pages of books turning. This is the music of the PRESS. It is the backdrop to the current setting of my soul.

*PRESS is a local coffee shop located on Wayne Ave in Dayton, OH.