Wireless(?) Charging or Not…

I hate it when marketing or technology gurus call inductive charging, “wireless” charging. It’s like calling a dock station, which has a wired Ethernet, wireless networking. Or for that matter, wireless charging (get it, no actual wires plug into the computer). I understand that a dock station is not inductive, but it still has the EXACT LIMITATIONS. I also understand that inductive charging is technically a “wireless” standard (no wires from the device touch the base station), but using that term is misleading to the public. What happens when we actually get truly wireless charging technology? Are we going to call it “Real Wireless Charging”?

CBS All Access FAIL

C’mon CBS!! All Access does offer a tremendous service. But seriously‚Ķtake a hint from Netflix and now the new “commercial free” Hulu! We don’t want to pay for a service AND watch commercials through the middle of the show!! REALLY?!? WTF?? Glad you at least gave me a one-month free trial. Fortunately, I only had to go through about five minutes of one episode before four commercials ceased my interest in using your service. 

U.S. Constitution

There is a common misconception that is often hard for people to detect or understand, and how it fundamentally affects ones political worldview.

The constitution (specifically the Bill of Rights) doesn’t GIVE it’s citizens rights. It was setup to PROTECT our individual God-given rights as human beings against a tyrannical, hungry, and oft-overreaching federal government.

What is a “Right”?

I think that there is a lot of confusion over what it means to have a “right” to something. This basic principle shapes ones basic political views and dogma. The basic concept I adhere to is that a right 1. cannot be taken away, and 2. cannot inherently infringe

Constitutional Rights

The United States constitution doesn’t give Americans rights to protect us from other Americans, it’s there to protect us from our Government. Our Founding Fathers knew that over time the Government would became the new tyranny. Be more afraid of your government and the liberties that it seizes than of any other person or force. For us to remain a free people, we must maintain ALL of our freedoms from government tyranny and oppression.

What Is Your Problem?

Those who question the validity and quality of the U.S. Constitution and wish to make changes to it outside the procedure and mandate of said constitution (through amendments, etc) are free to choose another location in which to live. This OWS crowd is starting to torque me off. Just a bunch of sadistic little imbeciles who want free stuff and think that if the government had more control over private enterprise we would all be better off. That’s a bunch of bullocks and anyone with any sense would see right through it! They do not SPEAK for the 99% and probably not even the bottom 10%!!! They need to go back to whatever hole they crawled out of and leave us alone!