My name is Jacob Johnson. I’m very opinionated and I sometimes forget that not everyone thinks the way I do, but I’m working on tempering that aspect of me! This site is where I will be putting my public thoughts that are longer than 140 or 420 characters.

I am from Dayton, OH, where I was born in the summer of our nation’s bicentennial, 1976. I have since made my home in Louisville, KY.

I work for UPS where I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to literally fly around the world. (Literally in an airplane-I’m not superman!) I do love to travel, and there is so much in this big blue world that I want to see!

I love to do photography, especially when I travel. I now photograph exclusively with the iPhone 4S, as I got tired of lugging around my Canon 30D, which I sold. I hope to one day soon pick up a full-frame compact that’s pocketable and has more range. I have a Flickr account where you can see many my photos. (I’m thinking of moving to 500px.com. Thoughts?)

I’m an Apple geek, from computer to mobile to Tv: 13″ Macbook Air, iPhone 4S, AppleTv, and maybe this year an iPad Mini (travel!)

I really like to read, watch Tv, and movies. (Tv shows, not live…nor often on a Tv. Thank the internet gods for Hulu+, Netflix, & others.) I’m also really big into listening to Audiobooks. They are very convenient while traveling, especially road trips! My favorite (or most common) genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, and I’m a not-so-closet sucker for Rom-Coms. I break those up every once in awhile with documentaries or anime (geeky!)

If you want to comment or strike up a conversation, I’m game! jake